November 18, 2019

Where’s the Beef? Meatless Nation Rides Plant Protein Wave at Kosherfest 2019

Secaucus NJ…By Staff Reporter….Winning the new product competition in the frozen entrees non-meats category, Zamaze lived up to its name, z-amazing everyone at Kosherfest 2019. With five varieties of shitake mushroom based “meats,” there was something for everyone, whether they preferred the hamburgers, barbequed brisket, chicken, beef or bacon flavors. The journey to Kosherfest for Zamaze was a long one, starting over 8,500 miles away. CEO Dan Berlin said that he had been in the sushi business for 20 years when he realized that there was a giant hole in the kosher market.“Nobody was making a high quality meat substitute using really natural ingredients and I thought I could make a difference,” said Berlin. “I found a little community of strict vegetarians who made a product that I thought could be brought over into our world.”

Berlin noted that his Vietnamese team were such staunch vegetarians that he couldn’t even bring a can of tuna for lunch into the factory. He worked with the team, modifying the recipe to his satisfaction, resulting in a product line with a meat like flavor, texture and juiciness that is friendlier both on the environment and the human body.“We like to say that Zamaze is ‘made with love and shiitake mushrooms,’” said Berlin