January 27, 2014

WhereÕs the Beef? ItÕs Certified Angus Beef by Prime

NEW YORK — Kosher consumers have in recent years been subject to a barrage of ads essentially educating them that meat is not just meat. Some of the upscale kosher supermarkets such as Pomegranate, Evergreen and Gourmet Glatt have designated meat experts (butchers) that help customers differentiate between different cuts of beef. 

Now the Prime Hospitality Group, which owns a number of restaurants including its flagship Prime Grill on West 56th Street in Manhattan, says that it is the first-ever kosher restaurant group to serve Certified Angus Beef. Chef David Kolotkin, Executive Chef of the Prime Hospitality Group says that he is “eager to introduce this new type of beef to my colleagues and guests by offering Certified Angus Beef brand meat at our restaurants and shop." The meat is certified by the Orthodox Union (OU) and also sports the Certified Angus Beef brand’s 10 quality standards.