December 2, 2020

What’s Next for Kosher in 2021: More Health-Conscious Consumers

New York…Adelle’s doctor was full of advice on how to eat healthier in an age of Corona. She gave Adelle a list of foods that were not common on her shopping list. “These are all foods that help boost the immune system,” the doctor stressed. According to one supermarket manager, Adelle is part of a growing number of consumers that are searching for kosher products that help the immune system in an age where people are concerned about having antibodies to ward off chances of contracting the Coronavirus. But an overall boost to the immune system is also a priority. The list of immune enhancing explains why the demand for poultry has soared in recent months. So have items like green tea, citrus fruits, and yogurts. Then there are such items as citrus fruits, sunflower seeds, broccoli, almonds, kiwi, and spinach. The move towards healthier eating was very much in evidence during the Covid year of 2020, particularly ingredients for the increased volume of home cooking. Predictions are that the coming year will see an even greater movement to healthier eating, particularly the immune system boosters.