March 9, 2015

Western Kosher Hopes its On-Line Model Will be Successful

Los Angeles - It is no secret that kosher is still looking for a break-out on-line site that will be a major new source of kosher shopping. The sluggish results so far have been largely due to a general preference of food shoppers to “squeeze the cantaloupe,” But now Western Kosher, one of Los Angeles’ upscale kosher supermarkets, is hoping to change that. Its new on-line presence will offer all items sold in their two locations via their website (, including fresh produce, sushi, takeout, deli and frozen goods. According to store manager, David Ashkenazi, the decision to go online has been in the works for a while. “We had discussed opening an online store for a few years, but our customers weren’t ready for it. Now people order everything online, so they are comfortable with the idea of ordering their kosher groceries online as well.” Western Kosher’s online clientele are mainly people who previously ordered via email, but now love the idea that they are able to actually view every item on the website and order online.

“The online store was a huge undertaking. Every item needed to be photographed and entered into the system, but we are really happy with the results so far. It’s been live for about a month and we are already servicing new customers,” Ashkenazi said. “It hasn’t affected the store either, as there will always be those customers who love to pick their own meat and produce." makes 10-15 deliveries a day earlier in the week and 20-30 a day towards the end of the week. Customers love the same day delivery option, provided they order before 1pm. Deliveries are made in Los Angeles on a daily basis and to Long Beach, once a month. Western Kosher’s management are not putting their feet up now that the online store is up and running. “Now we are looking at different ways to service potential customers living in other places outside Los Angeles. We’d love to be able to deliver fresh kosher products to their doorsteps,” Ashkenazi said. Retailers say that having an on-line presence can be tantamount to having a satellite store although some say that despite being on-line, the business still has to be managed and customers have to be happy with the products that they are getting. Many retailers have on-line options but not all are designed to be an on-line satellite store. Western Kosher is hoping that the on-line presence will be tantamount to having a third store.