August 8, 2011

Well-Known Kosher Brands Get Fresh Start at Kedem

Bayonne, NJ…by T. Cohn…So what happened to Barton’s? Elite? Wissotzky Tea? Prigat? These brands that have become major staples in kosher homes all over the US are all part of a growing portfolio of such well-known brands at Kedem Foods, a major producer and distributor of kosher foods. The fact that these brands have found a home under Kedem is testimony of its growing penetration in the kosher market through a successful distribution network. According to Harold Weiss, Vice President of Marketing and Sales at Kedem Foods, “our goal is to offer more kosher products on a more regular basis to benefit the kosher consumer in their search for high quality products.” In other words, Kedem is seeking to put more products that it distributes on the expanding kosher shelf. Many of the brands that Kedem is now distributing have gone through several cycles of distribution under other companies, but for a variety of reasons “have decided to move on,” one source told Kosher Today. In recent months, Kedem has begun distributing the full line of the popular Prigat juices from Israel, introduced new Elite chocolate, candy, wafers, and coffee products to the American market, and has started to distribute six new items from Barton’s chocolate. Additionally, in the coming months Kedem will begin carrying Wissotzky Tea’s new silk tea pouch tea bag, as part of Wissotzky’s new line of tea offerings.

Kedem prides itself on maintaining an open line of communication with its customers. Through the use of social media like Twitter and Facebook, as well as through their own website, Kedem urges kosher consumers to speak up about what they like, dislike and want more of. “We’re in a mode of constant evolution,” said Mr. Weiss, “we speak with our customers to find out how we can improve our traditional products as well as to hear their ideas about what currently non-kosher items they would like to see kosher options for. Additionally, we are always working in close partnership with our business associates, innovating and bringing new and exciting products to market.” A recent example of Kedem’s open communication is the success of Yehuda Matzo’s gluten free matzo style crackers. Displayed around Passover time and at first hesitant about sales, the crackers flew off the shelves as consumers who follow gluten free diets urged Kedem via social media, phone calls, and letters to bring more of the product to market. Thanks to the overwhelming positive consumer response Yehuda matzo-style crackers are now carried by Kedem year-round.