July 15, 2013

Well-Known Kosher Brand Says Bloggers ÒDug up History,Ó but Products are Safe

CEDARHURST, LI — Zomick's Bakery, founded in 1966, is a must stop for most shoppers at Gourmet Glatt, the upscale kosher supermarket, that includes the bakery. Zomick’s challah and other products are also sold in many supermarkets and other kosher stores. But last week, one of a handful of Jewish blogs that cover sensational news in the Jewish community, reported that the bakery had a history of violations of insect infestation. While not denying that it had the problems in the past, the bakery said that it had corrected all violations. That it was never shut down by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets, that there was never any danger to the public, and that it had taken additional steps to make sure that the bakery is beyond reproach when it comes to food safety. 

In a statement, Zomick’s said that its “quality control does not allow for any product to leave the building without assurances of its utmost quality…”It also noted that it has “been distributed throughout the country to major retail chains for over fifty years, subject to third party review for the quality and safety of our products.” The Statement continued: “Some media reports that our production bakery was producing products that were unsafe are inaccurate and false! 

While we may have had a few isolated incidents years ago, the bakery adheres to the highest standards of safety and has passed all recent inspections. In February 2013, Zomick’s passed the inspection by the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets.” In June, 2012, Zomick’s voluntarily brought in inspectors from the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF), a not for profit accredited third party certification agency that is widely respected by major retailers and state and federal authorities. Their review of the bakery’s procedures to safeguard public health and safety passed with flying colors.