November 16, 2015

Welch’s Grape Juice Returns to Kosher in a Co-Branding Effort with Manischewitz

Newark NJ - It was in the 1980’s that the Welch’s company introduced a kosher certified grape juice to the kosher market. It was relatively short-lived as the company ultimately decided to withdraw. Come January Welch’s Grape Juice will be back, this time in a co-branding effort with the Manischewitz Company. Ike Kim, a senior brand manager at Welch’s was at Kosherfest to show off the new 64 oz. bottle which will hit supermarket shelves early next year. Welch’s will also be coming out with a Sparkling version of the grape juice. Manischewitz will celebrate its new co-branding effort on its 5 lb. box of Kosher for Passover Matzoh, according to CEO David Sugarman. Mr. Kim said his company was excited with the co-branding and anxiously looking forward to successfully penetrating the kosher market. “Coming to Kosherfest was a wonderful experience. I was extremely impressed with the kind of products I saw here, the extent of the innovation, and the enthusiasm of the market,” said the Welch’s executive.