October 28, 2019

Wegman’s to Feature Many Kosher Products in New Brooklyn Store

Brooklyn NY…For Brooklyn residents who keep kosher, there are a myriad of shopping experiences that they can enjoy, from such upscale stores as Pomegranate, Gourmet Glatt and Breadberry to the Costco-like kosher discount retailer Bingo in addition to Costco and Target which carry many kosher products. For supermarket fans, there is the huge Shoprite with its plethora of kosher options and Fairway with its interesting line of foods. This past Sunday, the very upscale Wegman’s opened its doors in Brooklyn’s Navy Yard. At 74,000 square feet, the store is certainly the largest supermarket with its charming European style layout of the different food categories. As in many of its other stores and as would be expected in a Brooklyn store, Wegman’s will have a major focus on kosher. According to spokesperson Valerie Fox, “a variety of packaged kosher products can be found throughout the store. The selection includes a refrigerated case offering kosher-certified dairy, deli, and meat items such as smoked salmon, packaged sliced meats, salads, pancakes and knishes, pickles, herrings, and seafood salads. The fresh chicken, beef, and lamb in the case are glatt (kosher) certified.