June 29, 2015

Webinar Points to Interest on Merchandising of Israeli Products

Portland, ME - More than 30 participants heard noted kosher market expert Joe Plueger (K.M.K. Distributors) suggest the potential profitability of stocking Israeli food products. The Webinar, sponsored by the Israeli Export Institute, was designed to walk wholesalers and retailers through the process of reaching a large audience of Jews and others who are committed to buy Israeli products to help Israel’s economy. They also heard that Israeli products in many cases were superior to other products, which makes it an important profit center for any retailer. Israel exports nearly $260 million of foods to North America. Israeli food companies know they have an extremely receptive market in the 12 million American consumers who buy kosher, but need good marketers to get the products on the shelves and ultimately to the consumer, Mr. Plueger pointed out.