October 19, 2020

“We Would Have Introduced Our Pistachio Oil at Kosherfest”

Commack, NY…by Eda Kram…. For the past 31 years Setton’s was a fixture at Kosherfest with its samples of fresh pistachios and other nuts. Had Kosherfest taken place on time, Setton’s would have introduced its new premium California Pistachio Oil, which is expected to hit the market by the end of year. “We are excited and proud to bring the first hand crafted, 100% raw unfiltered Kosher for Passover Pistachio Oil to the market.” said Joseph Setton, VP of Domestic Sales. “Our Pistachio Oil is made with raw pistachios in small batches, allowing us to preserve an authentic Pistachio flavor while maintaining the highest Kosher supervision of the OK Kosher and Rabbi Weissmandl.”

For almost 50 years, the Setton Farms brand has been synonymous with superior quality, innovation, and great taste. Its family owned and operated business has produced kosher pistachios, nuts, dried fruit, edible seeds, snacks, trail mixes and confections in both bulk and retail packages. They also offer one of the largest selections of products specifically for Passover. Mr. Setton had high praise for Kosherfest. “The event has helped us to connect with consumers on a deeper level and expanded our reach to retailers looking for high quality kosher products. We continue to bring new and innovative products to the market each year, while maintaining strict kosher certification standards for each new variety.” In 2019, Setton’s received a Best New Product Award in the Savory Snacks, Chips, and Crackers category for its Garlic Onion Seasoned Pistachio Kernels.