September 12, 2016

Waiting for Rosh Hashanah in September is a Rarity for the Kosher Food Industry

New York - It was already the second week in September but you wouldn’t know it from the 90 plus temperature outside. This is after all the time of the year when honey is an important staple in any store preparing for Rosh Hashanah. Instead of Rosh Hashanah specials, Jewel-Osco celebrated Labor Day with an ad for kosher specials. Ads like Norman’s Yogurt took advantage of the late date for the Jewish holidays (eve of October 2nd) to tout healthy eating for the Back to School season. Several retailers admitted that they had yet to open their warehouse to the expected SKU’s of honey cake, honey and the specially shaped challahs. “It’s an oddity,” said one manager of a take-out section. “But we’re making good use of this interim period by simply having people buy more for their kids for school.” The retailers know that within a week the holiday shopping frenzy will go into high gear and then the holiday-free September will be all but a memory. One distributor said it feels a lot like Passover with its weeks of preparation instead of the more common pressure some eve of Rosh Hashanah. For hotels in Israel expecting a banner season this year, there was a bit of a price to pay with a slow September. People were simply not booking when their children were going back to school, one expert said.