December 15, 2020

Virtual Farm’s Produce are Better Tasting; Israeli Supermarket Chain Signs On; US Supermarkets Targeted

Monsey, NY…Customers of produce from the Vertical Farm stationed at the entrance to the huge Evergreen Supermarket here have come to accept the idea of growing produce all year round right outside the store. What they are raving about these days is the pesticide-free taste. Malka Levine, Marketing Director for Evergreen Market says “Our organic produce is flying off the shelves.” Since its debut last month, the 20-foot high geoponic (soil-based) indoor farm has opened customer’s eyes to the quality and benefits of pesticide-free greens and produce. One customer, Bracha Kimmel, a self-described non-fan of kale, reported, “I wanted to tell you how incredible the kale tasted. I loved it!” She traveled all the way from Brooklyn to the Monsey store to check out the Vertical Field greens.

And the enthusiastic reviews keep coming. “Amazing taste, and so fresh!” commented shopper Miriam R., while Shayna G. wondered, “Why can't everyone grow without pesticides?” The most popular vertically grown product by far is dill. The herb is mainly used for chicken soup but also appears frequently in salads, chicken recipes, and middle Eastern-inspired dishes such as Vegetable Knishes in Phyllo Leaves (recipe available upon request). A close runner-up is parsley, the go-to garnish that adds color and extra freshness to pretty much everything.

Evergreen’s wall farm was made by Vertical Field an Israeli ag-tech company that produces innovative vertical agricultural solutions that help the environment, improve human health conditions, and make fresh, delicious produce available all year round. Guy Elitzur, the CEO of Vertical Field, said, “We are extremely excited by our partnership with Evergreen. They are precisely the type of supermarket that has the right customer base and will successfully integrate the latest technological advances in geoponic farming.” The company recently signed an agreement with Rami Levy, Israel’s largest supermarket chain, to install Vertical Field’s urban farms at dozens of its stores. Vertical Fields has launched a major marketing effort to install the farms in US supermarkets and even restaurants.