July 15, 2020

Vertical Farming Comes to Evergreen in Monsey; First in Kosher World

Monsey NY…The 40’ container arrived at Evergreen without incident. It will soon provide the freshest of produce to shoppers and with virtually little infestation. The container will be outfitted with heart and light, simulating a farm’s natural growing conditions and the taste will be better than farm products which are often trucked long distances. Unlike other vertical farms, the plants are totally grown on soil-based platforms. Vertical Field’s geoponic growing method consists of a container with built-in sensors, irrigation, and lighting, as well as an in-house monitoring software that automatically manages crop growth phases. This enables produce to grow in an optimized way with minimal need for human handling. It also ensures a sterile and kosher environment for fresh and healthy produce to grow pesticide-free all year long. Said Guy Elitzur, the CEO of Vertical Field: “With our solution, they never have to worry about the weather or external conditions, like the oft cold and snowy winters in Monsey. They can get a consistent in-house supply and reduce and monitor their inventory waste. We are offering a completely new business model in which they will not have distribution costs and at the same time create a unique shopping experience for their customers. The real challenge is to show corporations the economic and health benefits so they will be motivated to change the way they are operating."