March 23, 2020

US Programs Still Hoping to Proceed Despite Smaller Crowds

Miami…Depending on who you talk to, the US -sponsored Passover programs are either still proceeding, still hedging their bets, or slowly cancelling. Travel experts tell Kosher Today that they expect that most of the programs will either opt to run smaller or modified programs to avoid cancellation fees or will cancel due to lack of a clientele, according to Elan Kornblum. President, Great Kosher Restaurants Media Group. He cited an example of a program in the Poconos that was keeping meals to either in rooms or in very small groups to offset people’s concerns about being part of large gatherings. While domestic travel is still an option for many would be vacationers, restrictions on assembly are in effect in many locations. While many have cancelled plans to spend Passover in Orlando, there are apparently many who plan to proceed. Florida state authorities like Sullivan County are urging New York City residents to stay away from their jurisdictions. For families that gave deposits on homes, booked air travel, and ordered food, the stakes are high. Some programs are clearly biding their time in the hope of “better news” but are clearly recognizing the potential for financial disaster. Kornblum said that Passover is coming early to the restaurant world as many are choosing to convert to Passover and will basically serve as takeout locations. This is particularly true for locations that are no longer permitted to serve meals in their restaurants.