March 6, 2018

US Kosher Wine Consumption up More than 12%, Experts Say

Bayonne, NJ - Kosher wine consumption in the US continues its upward climb with most experts agreeing that sales of kosher wines in just the past 12 months has  grown by more than 12%, a significant increase for any food or beverage category. While exact figures are difficult to come by, some experts say that annual sales of kosher wines and spirits in the US tops $40 million. While some attribute the expansion to increased alcohol consumption by younger (under 40) consumers, others say that it is a combination of demographics, a more upscale lifestyle by many strictly Orthodox Jews, and the ever-growing foodservice segments (i.e. holiday hotel programs, more weddings and bar mitzvahs etc.). Jay Buchsbaum of Royal Wine, a well-known expert in kosher wines says “the increase is by all age groups, and particularly by the strictly Orthodox Jewish community where there is considerable disposable income and upscale wines are part of the move upward.” Ironically, many rabbis and community leaders are expressing concern about a growing “alcohol problem” by Orthodox young adults, although they admit that it pales in comparison with the drinking problem in the general population. The kosher wine business is by all accounts a remarkable success story especially when considering that a half-century ago, kosher wine meant sweet sacramental wines, often associated with Manischewitz sweet wines. Today, with some of the best award-winning wines from around the world being kosher, the kosher wine industry is in step with the broader wine and spirit business. The choice for kosher wine connoisseurs is unprecedented and if the current trend continues will continue its dramatic expansion for years to come. Much of the credit for the wine revolution is given to the Royal Wine Company for being the primary educator and promoter of kosher wines.