October 26, 2015

A US Importer is Betting on Kosher Israeli Craft Beer at Kosherfest

Secaucus NJ - Of all the Israeli products at the upcoming Kosherfest, many eyes will be on Malka Beer, one of the first micro breweries in Israel. Located in the Upper Galilee town in Kibbutz Yehiam, at the foot of the 12th century Montfort castle, Malka ("queen" in Hebrew) creates small batch, Israeli craft beer, specializing in traditional Belgian, German, and English styles while imparting a local Israeli twist—using local produce and water from the Ga’aton Springs. Since opening their doors in 2006, they continue to produce excellent beers, even winning a smattering of awards for their various offerings over the years.

Malka Beer is represented by Sublime Imports, the first and only US importer of Israeli craft beer. Sublime began operation in June 2012 as a Spanish craft beer importer with a single offering, having since grown to include Spanish natural cider, and of course Israeli craft beer, as part of their portfolio of some 15 products. Mike Hammond, owner and founder, has familial and business ties to Spain, prior to getting into the beer business, Austin Clar, his business partner, is Jewish and used to live and study and Israel. Together they came to represent the two countries. Mr. Clar shares his excitement about joining Kosherfest for the first time: “As the only kosher Israeli craft brewery in the US, we see it as a wonderful opportunity to share our wares with such a particularly focused and important community. We wanted to be present in previous years, but were simply unable; now that we are, we are truly excited to join the fray!” Mr. Clar added: “Kosherfest represents not simply another trade-show for beer or otherwise, but specifically the opportunity to present and share Malka’s/Sublime’s products with a group of businesses and retailers that seek out and have specific stock and interest in kosher products.”

Malka Beer will be featuring three offerings available in the United States: Malka Blonde Ale, a Blonde Ale brewed with a little bit of wheat malt, and oranges and coriander sourced in Israel.