August 22, 2011

Urging Kosher Consumers in New York to Buy Local

New York… A number of kosher retailers in New York are promoting locally grown products as part of a broader initiative by New York City. This is particularly evident in the produce department, but some say that they are also showcasing other New York manufactured products like jams and honey. Just last week, New York’s Mayor Michael Bloomberg signed a number of bills to encourage the production and procurement of locally grown food and reduce wasteful packaging. New York’s kosher purveyors will have an opportunity to bid for city contracts as the bills mandate the agencies to purchase locally produced goods. It is believed that nearly 40% of the nation’s kosher food production is in New York State. Kosher sources told Kosher Today that most kosher consumers enjoy the luxury of choice and will not necessarily gravitate to locally produced products. “It’s still about quality and price,” said a Flatbush retailer, who says that New York “is doing just fine and really does not need any additional promotion in my store.”