November 17, 2014

Unsung Hero cRc Mashgiach (Kosher Supervisor) Rabbi Musat Wins Best Mashgiach of the Year Award

Chicago…Rabbi Aron Musat , a kosher supervisor for the Chicago Rabbinical Council was awarded a $1000 prize by Rabbi Yosef Wikler, publisher of Kashrus Magazine, in a ceremony that took place at the recently held Kosherfest . He represents the hundreds of mashgichim who are the unsung heroes of the extraordinary growth of kosher, certifying products and plants in as many as 99 countries. Not only do these mashgichim supervise tens of thousands of products and thousands of facilities worldwide, but they are often in harm’s way as was the case with the two OU mashgichim who were slaughtered in Mumbai several years ago and more recently the incident of Rabbi Ari Weiss of the OK who narrowly escaped a hold-up at gunpoint outside his hotel in Guatemala.

Rabbi Musat works for the cRc as a mashgiach at the Lieberman Center for Health and Rehabilitation, a senior living facility in Skokie IL, which houses approximately 230 residents. Along with serving three meals a day to the residents, the home sends out approximately 300 meals on wheels daily and about another 100 meals to various hospitals and nursing homes whose patients require kosher food. Rabbi Musat is responsible for overseeing that all aspects of kashrus are adhered to for these 1000 plus meals served daily. His day begins with igniting all the oven fires and turning on the equipment at 5:00 in the morning and ends after dinner is served. He has not missed a day of work for illness or any other unscheduled vacation for nearly eight years which truly represents his reliability and responsibility to his job. During power outages and natural disasters there were times the kitchen needed to be open for up to 18 hours a day and he was there leading the way to ensure Kashrus standards remained intact even during very arduous circumstances when menus needed to be shifted on a dime and a very limited number of products could be used all the while still ensuring the residents nutritional needs were also met.