June 4, 2019

Unprecedented Number of Kosher Exhibitors and Visitors at Candy Show

Chicago…An unprecedented number of exhibits at the Sweets Snacks Expo at the McCormick Place (May 19-21) displayed their kosher certification, a sign of the growing role of kosher in the confectionary arena. Matilda Vicenzi, “Italian Fine Pastry since 1905” displayed its big OU Kosher sign. Matthew Normand of Galil was showcasing his extensive line of rice and corn cakes as well as many other items. There was Plantain Republic from South Africa with their Tropic Max snacks, kosher spicy chocolate beef bar, and Inka’s line of spicy chips. Yakov Yarmove of the Albertson’s group was astounded at the sheer number of visitors from the kosher community. There was even a minyan at one of the booths. One exhibitor told Kosher Today, that many of the exhibitors who are not yet kosher certified were looking into kosher and “I’ll bet you’ll see them at Kosherfest in November.” Indeed, some of the visitors were looking for new products to introduce to the growing kosher market.