July 27, 2015

Unilever and Shufersal in First Jewish New Year Spat

Tel Aviv - What happens when a manufacturer and large supermarket chain do not agree on specials for the High Holy Days. Israeli supermarket chain Shufersal took Unilever products off the shelves, including food and cleaning supplies, "Globes," Israel’s largest business publication reported. Unilever's products have not been sold by Shufersal for several days. Shufersal's decision to take Unilever's goods off its shelves stems from a commercial dispute, itself caused by a drastic cut to Unilever's promotions budget for the supermarket giant. Shufersal dropped the thin bagel chips from Bagel Bagel, chocolates from Vered Hagalil, 778 jam, and Telma's 1 kilogram mayo, among other items.

In response to Shufersal's action, Unilever told the supermarket chain at the end of last week that if its products were not returned to stock, it would completely halt supplying its entire line of products from the chain beginning on Sunday. This is all in preparation for the upcoming Rosh Hashanah holiday (eve of September 13th).