December 6, 2018

UK Kosher Supervisor Wins Mashgiach of the Year 2018

Secaucus, NJ…Scott (Shabsy) Merrill who serves as a kosher supervisor for the London Beth Din (KLBD) was named Kashrus Magazine’s Mashgiach of the Year at a Kosherfest ceremony. He was presented with the 8th annual best Mashgiach Award which also included a cash prize. Rabbi Eli Schoemann accepted the award for Scott who participated via the Internet. Rabbi Yosef Wikler, Editor of Kashrus Magazine, said, 'We are gratified that the recipient of this year's Mashgiach of the Year award is from the London Beth Din, a kosher certifying organization which we have admired for many years." Rabbi Merrill responded: “The job of a mashgiach is a terrifying responsibility. It has to be viewed 100% as a religious duty. You must know that you cannot fully “trust” anyone. If you see something, you must act.” He added: “What attracted me to kashrus is that I really wanted to be doing a mitzvah all day.” So, what does Rabbi Merrill do? “There are four parts to my job. I work as the mashgiach at catered affairs, fill in for mashgichim in establishments, research methods of checking for insects in the various foods, and train new mashgichim one-on-one while on the job. A great deal of my work includes vegetable inspection and training people how to do those inspections.” Rabbi Merrill trains other mashgichim in many ways: “I train them for checking vegetables, but I am there also to teach them how to do the whole job of being a mashgiach. And maybe the most important thing that I teach the new mashgichim is the people skills. That is probably what the mashgiach needs most. I tell them how to deal with situations that come up in the kitchen.”