August 6, 2019

UK Kashrus Organizations Meet for Better Coordination

London…It is being touted as an historic first. Five of the largest kashrus organizations in the UK met recently to better coordinate on kashrus issues in one of the two large kosher markets in Europe. The UK and France are Europe’s largest kosher markets. According to Ami Magazine, “In part, because of the wide variety of communities that these kashrus organizations represent – unlike in the US, UK kashrus organizations are generally attached to a specific community body – the organizations have generally not collaborated in the past.” In the US, kashrus organizations often coordinate standards through their membership in the Association of Kashrus Organizations (AKO). Although many of the kashrus organizations in the UK subscribe to different standards, the agencies agreed that there is much that unites them. Of the estimated 250,000 Jews in the UK, about 15% are said to be Orthodox but sources say that the number of consumers who buy kosher may be considerably higher. Much of the growth is said to come from Chasidic families where average family size is 9, including 7 children.