May 12, 2021

UK Hospital Patients to Finally Get Quality Kosher Meals

London…Ari Feferkorn, a London Jewish activist, found out the hard way that UK hospitals are well behind other countries in accommodating kosher patients. During a prolonged hospital stay, he discovered that good care does not necessarily include a good kosher meal. Ari and his wife set up Bedside Kosher to provide Jewish patients in hospitals with fresh kosher meals, including breakfast, Shabbos & Yom Tov meals, snacks and child-friendly options – all previously not available in UK hospitals. This was particularly necessary during the worst pandemic in memory. Since launching their 24/7 patient helpline last year, the demand for their service has soared. In just twelve months, Bedside Kosher has opened 3 hubs: Stamford Hill, North West, and Manchester. They recruited over 400 volunteers and served over 50,000 meals in more than 50 hospitals and mental health facilities across the UK, covering London, Essex, and Manchester.