September 24, 2012

Twin City Poultry Regroups After Internal Management Issues

MINNEAPOLIS, MN -- Something wasn’t right at Twin City Poultry, a leading distributor of kosher meat, poultry and other foods. Deliveries seemed to lag or were simply not made during the past few weeks and a company that had been a picture of consistency seemed to be in distress. Sources say that the company recently faced some difficult internal management issues. 

Twin City itself issued a statement that said in part: “Regrettably, in the past few weeks, several major management issues surfaced, forcing the company for the first time in its 38-year history to experience supply and delivery issues. The company was forced to curtail some of its operations to deal with these concerns, which have also had a negative impact on the fiscal stability of the company. After becoming fully aware of the issues involved, Twin City’s owners and senior management immediately dealt with the health and wellbeing of the company, reorganizing some of its operations and for the immediate future concentrating on several of its key markets. At no time did the company cease operations and now has a firm plan in place to rebuild and restructure Twin City.”

Shiya Hollander of Alle Processing said: “As a long-time customer, we have come to appreciate the integrity and exceptional character of management and have no doubt that they will continue to be a major distributor in the kosher market. We stand firmly behind them.” David Herzog of the Kedem Group echoed these sentiments, adding: “Unfortunately businesses occasionally experience unforeseen problems, but we have confidence that Twin City Poultry will emerge even stronger in the weeks ahead and we very much look forward to continuing our relationship with them.” 

In the company’s statement signed by Steve Cohen, there was an apology for the disruption and a promise for the future: “We wish to assure you that we will do everything in our power to restore your confidence in us. We deeply appreciate the understanding and support that we have received.”