March 16, 2021


New York…Many kosher housewives refer to “turnover” as the process of making their kitchens Kosher for Passover. In supermarkets, it is setting regular aisles with Kosher for Passover products. While some stores have an automatic timetable for the “turnover,” usually the day after Purim, other stores do so gradually. A survey by Kosher Today showed that the turnover was definitely on schedule in the kosher independent stores but lagged in many supermarkets outside of the New York/New Jersey area. Some stores say that in the weeks before Passover, they try to keep a balance between chametz (non-Passover) and Passover items. One manager said: “My customers want the regular products until the last minute, so I make the change gradually and push along with regular products as far as I can.”

Thus far, anticipated shortages of basic staples have not materialized. Items like oil and margarine, which experienced shortages in the past appeared to be in plenty of supply. Items imported from overseas, such as Israel and China, miraculously made it to market. The shortage situation may change as the Passover season progresses. For the industry, there will be some differences from an “ordinary” year. With only 20% of hotel programs opening, there will be a significant drop in the foodservice orders with much of their products being diverted to retail. With travel still being restricted, the Seder table at many families will be smaller than in pre-Covid days.