August 10, 2009

Truva Cheese Spread akes a Smooth Debut

Tnuva USA has just unveiled a creamy smooth Tnuva Cheese Spread that is available in the deli and cheese sections at area grocery stores and supermarkets. The secret to Tnuva Cheese Spread's taste can be traced to the pastoral Galilee region in the Holy Land, where dairy cows produce some of the richest tasting milk in the world. For over a century, cheese spreads have become a popular staple at breakfast and dinner tables across America. Tnuva Cheese Spread can be smeared on toasts, bagels, breads and crackers. It makes for a great-tasting dip at dinner parties and can also be used as a base ingredient for creating luscious cheesecakes. Tnuva Cheese Spread is available in 3 delectable flavors-Plain, Olives and Garlic/Dill. Tnuva Cheese Spread features the renowned Orthodox Union (OU) and Vaad Mehadrin kosher symbols.