January 5, 2021

Trending in 2021: More Packaged Convenience Foods

New York…Kosher shoppers are increasingly interested in buying ready to use foods that eliminate the hassle of preparation in the home. Products like diced onions, horseradish mixtures, herring flavors, and pre-cut veggies are amongst a growing number of convenience foods today’s shoppers are expecting on store shelves. Many takeout sections have also expanded beyond the traditional prepared foods into cut soup vegetables, sautéed mixes, all in the interest of offering more convenience to shoppers. Soups have become increasingly popular with some stores selling an unprecedented amount of soup mixes and even ready to heat and serve varieties. One shopper said that her family loves soups and with a few cans of already sautéed vegetables, chickpeas, and tomato sauce she was able to make a week’s supply. Experts also predict that 2020 has taught many households to keep fully prepared frozen meals. Once popular with travelers, they are now basic staples in many households.