May 18, 2009

Travelers Notice Upgrade in Kosher Airline Meals

New York…A travel expert recently wrote about a frequent flier complaining about the quality of his meal on board an airliner and that he “would do well to order a kosher meal that seems to be much improved.” While kosher travelers still have their share of horror stories, they agree that the kosher fare on international flights is much improved. A passenger on a New York – London flight complained that he was served a kosher for Passover meal almost two weeks after the holiday. He wrote KosherToday that the meal on the return trip by Hermolis “was exceptional.” Passengers flying out of Tel Aviv are giving high marks to Hamasbia while European travelers say that for the most part local caterers in countries like Austria, France, and Belgium are delivering a superb product. The improvements, say travelers, are evident not only in Business Class, where the meals were always better, but also in Economy.

In a more recent development a new venture was launched in Canada. Hamasbia Canada brings together Toronto-based Cara Airline Solutions, one of North America’s largest airline caterers, and Hamasbia Foods of Israel. Prepared under the supervision of the MK Mehadrin (Montreal Kosher), the menu includes meat, dairy, pareve and fish options. HamasbiaCanada will be the kosher food choice for travelers on many airlines, including El Al and all Air Canada flights departing from Eastern Canadian airports.