March 31, 2020

Transitions: Zvi (Henri) Schmidt, Headed Paskesz, Passes Away at 70 from Coronavirus

Lakewood, NJ…He was one of the icons of the kosher food industry. Born in Antwerp, Belgium, Zvi Schmidt married into the Paskesz family which was already in the confectionery business after the war in Europe. He single handedly built the Paskesz Candy Company into a premier brand in the kosher food market. His passing left the industry in a state of shock. One of the early exhibitors of Kosherfest, Schmidt was a formidable presence at every show. He expanded the company worldwide with distribution in Europe and Israel. One industry executive said: “Zvi had a nose for products that sold. He travelled the world to find those products that the kosher consumer wanted.” He led Paskesz to become one of the industry’s leading distributors including Golden Fluff snacks, Camille Bloch Swiss chocolates, Haribo, Pez, Man, Neronim, and Klik products. In his private life, Mr. Schmidt was a community activist and philanthropist beloved by all. He will be sorely missed!