June 4, 2018

Transitions: Mendy Bauman and Moshe Gordon; Two Kosher Pioneers Leave Legacies

New York…On the surface Mendy Bauman and Moshe Gordon were two individuals in the kosher food industry with totally separate careers. But in reality, both played a major role in the growth of the kosher food industry for at least three decades. Rabbi Gordon, who was 70 years old was the founder of Chap-A-Nosh, an upscale takeout store as well as a restaurant in Flatbush. He eventually became the exclusive caterer at the luxurious Marina-Del-Ray wedding hall in the Bronx, significantly raising the bar for catered weddings.

Mendy Bauman was the founder of Glatt Mart, which was launched in 1977 in Flatbush. Mendy was a butcher by trade and is credited for taking the kashrus and the preparation of meat and poultry to the next level. Even today, under the management of his son, Glatt Mart has a loyal base for its Star-K certified quality meats. Following the trend of other butchers, Glatt Mart eventually evolved into a full-service supermarket. During the Blackout in New York in 2002, Glatt Mart opened their commercial freezers to all those who did not have power.