September 10, 2019

Transitions: Mayer Thurm, Pioneer of Kosher Cheese in US, Dead at 92

Brooklyn NY…Mayer Thurm of World Cheese Company recently passed away at the age of 92. Mr. Thurm, his brother Leo and father left Germany just before the Nazis came to power with cheese they were able to get out instead of money. Once on these shores, the Thurms introduced kosher cheese to the kosher market and later were first to introduce a higher standard chalav yisrael cheese. They created such brands as Migdal (Hebrew for the German term Thurm – tower), Miller and Haolam. Mayer Thurm was highly respected in the industry. A soft-spoken man of faith, he slowly built the first large-scale kosher cheese company that in turn became the supplier of a network of kosher eateries including pizza stores. Almost every supermarket that carried kosher items included the Miller’s brand. They lowly expanded World Cheese and were the first to introduce the cheeses that heretofore were not available to kosher consumers.