November 20, 2018

Transitions: Howard (Chesky) Wang, “Kedem’s Super salesman” Passes Away at 68

Teaneck, NJ…Just a few hours before Kosherfest opened, the Kedem (Royal Wines) learned of the passing of its salesman extraordinaire, Howard Wang. According to Jay Buchsbaum, one of Mr. Wang’s colleagues and a senior salesman at Kedem, Mr. Wang was scheduled to retire in a few months and had in fact planned his retirement in Florida. As the senior sales manager for the major kosher wine company for 30 years, Mr. Wang was instrumental in the growth of the Kedem sales force from 6 when he first joined the company to 40 today. “Even after he planned to retire, he was to train a sales force in Florida,” said Mr. Buchsbaum. Although his territory was New York, Mr. Wang helped develop a major footprint in New Jersey. Howard came to Kedem after working for Fedway Associates, New Jersey’s leading wine distributor with whom he maintained excellent relations till very shortly before his death. “Chesky’s passion was clearly kosher wines as well as being a proud member of the Jewish community of Teaneck,” said Mr. Buchsbaum. Long time Kosherfest participants will remember Mr. Wang for chairing the Kedem industry dinners for many years in the 2000’s. He is survived by his wife, children and grandchildren.