October 4, 2011

Transitions: Daniel Rogov (1935-2011) Gave Some Kosher Wines High Marks

Bayonne, NJ…Daniel Rogov, Israel’s leading wine expert, was mourned at the headquarters of Royal Wines. It was the US born Rogov that gave some of Kedem’s premier wines from California the endorsement that helped turn the Baron Herzog wines into a world-class category. Rogov, who was a firm believer in the authentic superiority of wines that is found in non-cooked wines came around to appreciate even the quality of the “mevushal” wines that were produced in the US. It was two years ago that Rogov participated at Kedem’s Food and Wine event in New York, where he was accorded virtual VIP status as one of the world’s leading food and wine critics. A veteran writer for Haaretz, Rogov was the author of "The Rogov Guide to Israeli Wine,” an annual study of the year's best vintner selections. Hours before passing, Rogov posted a thread titled “Rogov Obit” in which he wrote: “As to food and wine, I have written about those over the years out of a sense of deep love and devotion that are both emotional and intellectual. As I hope I have made known, wine and food to me are not simply things that enter our body. They are a reflection of our anthropology, history, psychology, social needs and, of course, pleasure. And, like all critics who take themselves seriously, I have gained enormous pleasure from sharing my thoughts.” For the Herzogs, Rogov was the definitive proof that kosher wines had emerged into a new era of recognition, one that continues to earn it accolades throughout the world. In a way, it was a strange love affair between the secular Rogov and the fervently religious Herzog family, a friendship that could have only been cemented through great tasting wine.