February 22, 2016

TRANSITIONS: The Kosher Community Mourns Passing of Ben Reisman at 92

Brooklyn, NY - Ben Reisman, a survivor of Auschwitz, who sensed an opportunity to use his skills as a baker to launch one of the largest wholesale bakeries in the country, died last week at the age of 92. An affable gentleman with a perpetual smile, Ben was well liked in the industry and respected for his hard work and ethical business practices. Born in Hungary, he survived the war and first settled in Buffalo, NY. In 1962, he and his brother Abraham (Abe), who predeceased him by a dozen years, founded a small bakery on Avenue O and West 7th Street in Brooklyn.  The Reismans soon realized the potential of becoming a wholesale bakery and actually began selling retail stores out of the back of a station wagon. One of their early customers was Waldbaum’s who in the ‘60’s was indeed the leading supermarket for the kosher consumer. The business grew tremendously in the last quarter century, particularly when a second generation of Reismans led by daughter Esther entered the business. She was later joined by her son Shia Friedman who continued the expansion of the business. Although still at the same location, the bakery expanded into an area of three stores with additional space on three levels. The Reisman’s brand is sold throughout the country and even internationally in such places as several countries in Europe, Mexico, South Africa, and Canada. Stressing quality, the third generation of Reismans is committed to continue the legacy of Ben, who expected nothing less. He will be sorely missed!