January 11, 2010

Tnuva USA and Strauss Face-Off on US Television as Tnuva Seeks to Grow Sales

New York…Tnuva USA is not satisfied with its modest sales in the kosher food market and is looking to emulate competitor Strauss in taking its products mainstream. The Israeli manufacturer is planning to launch a $350,000 ad campaign to expose American television viewers to the kosher cheeses the Israeli dairy giant sells in the US, where they are positioned as premium products. The ads will appear on the Food Network, Fox, Bravo, and local cable channels in states including New York and New Jersey. Tnuva is also budgeting funds for promotions in supermarkets and other points of sale. Sources told KosherToday that Tnuva officials are looking to brand Tnuva beyond the kosher market. Strauss, owned by Pepsico, last year made its debut on American TV with some good results, say observers. Tnuva officials say creative marketing efforts focused on target consumers were particularly important for the company, whose U.S. operations he said are growing at an annual rate of 10%.