December 2, 2013

Tnuva Unveils Healthy Chicken Brand

Tnuva launched Mom’s Chicken recently in several metropolitan areas. Mom’s Chicken products are made of all-natural white meat chicken and without any preservatives. All products are Glatt Kosher under supervision of the Orthodox Union and Rabbi Zefania Drori in Israel.  “We are glad to be sharing with American families these popular chicken dishes,” said Yoram Behiri, president of Tnuva USA. “Mom’s Chicken is not only tasty and a favorite for the kids, but it is easy to prepare and made of the highest quality white meat chicken. As a father, I know that this product is a favorite among my children and I trust serving them such a fine food. Mom’s Chicken is excellent!” 

The frozen cutlets are available in three types of children-friendly shapes like nuggets, animals and stars. Mom’s Chicken also can be purchased as extra thin cutlets, sesame-breaded chicken tenders and grilled chicken tenders. For more information visit: