August 20, 2012

Tnuva Rolls Out the Dough with New Maadanot Frozen Pastry Collection

As part of its on-going commitment to be constantly offering consumers new products from the Land of Milk & Honey, Tnuva recently released easy-to-use Maadanot premium pastries, which are now available in the frozen food section of local supermarkets and grocery stores. The Maadanot frozen pastry collection includes: Maadanot Crepes-a light and crispy pastry that can be filled with a variety of soft cheese and fruit fillings to create scrumptious blintzes, which can be served as a meal or tempting dessert treat. 

Maadanot Rolled Puff Pastry Dough for Sweet and Savory Pastries—revel in this light and flaky, leavened pastry, which can be used to create delicious apple strudels, bourekas and croissants. Maadanot Rolled Short Dough for Savory Pastries—this product can be used as a base to create mouth-watering quiches and an assortment of savory pies. Maadanot Rolled Short Dough for Sweet Pastries—a perfect ingredient that can be used to fashion sweet pies and other luscious desserts.  Maadanot's pareve frozen pastry products are certified kosher by the Vaad Mehadrin/ChatamSofer and Orthodox Union kashrut symbols. For more information visit: