October 31, 2011

TishbiÕs Passion Fruit and Strawberry Champagne Preserves Wins Best New Product at Kosherfest 2011 as Trendy Foods Score Big

New York….Oshra Tishbi has become somewhat of a celebrity to visitors at her Zichron Yaakov Israeli winery where she passionately lectures on her food and wine combinations that are all about extraordinary fusions. Her guests are often treated to a lunch or dinner that is designed to “educate” just how good wine and good food are paired. Judges at this year’s New Product Competition, which took place on Thursday, awarded her the ultimate recognition when her Tishbi Passion Fruit and Strawberry Champagne Preserve was selected as the best new product at next week’s Kosherfest 2011 (Meadowlands Exposition Center, November 8-9). The product, which also won  Best New Jam or Preserve, is distributed by Fruit of the Land Products, an importer of fine Israeli foods located in Thornhill, Ontario. According to the judges, many of the new products submitted for consideration were part of the new “trendy” items that are rapidly gaining traction in the growing kosher foodie network. Said one judge: “This is quite a development in that the line extension of many basic kosher staples is no longer as hot as these new items that are trendy.” 


 In addition to best all-around product, the judges recognized new products in a number of categories. The Best New Bread, Grain, Cereal, or Cracker went to  Sliced Artisan Slider Rolls; Best New Candy to Rabbi Mints Classic Kosher Mints (CJ Global, New York City); Best New Desserts/Baked Goods or Sweets was Mango Gourmet Italian Ice (Gianni New York, Flanders NJ); Best New Dips, Spreads, Salsas winner was Sabra Guacamole (Blue and White, Long Island City NY); Best New Frozen Entrée  went to Ta'amti Meat Flavor Meatless Bourekas (Blue and White, Long Island City NY); Best New Giftware or Novelty Item was The Royal Challah Silicone Bakeware Pan  (The Kosher Cook, Cedarhurst NY); Best New Beverage was Sparkling Ayala's Herbal Water (Sterling Sales, Brooklyn NY); Best New "Kosher for Passover" Product was Mikee’s Mango Duck Sauce (Exotic Sauce Packaging); Best New Meat/Seafood/Poultry Item went to Jamaican Style Jerky Chicken Sausage (Jack's Gourmet, Brooklyn NY); Best New Pasta, Rice, Beans or Soup was  Gezunt Gourmet Pastas (Bruno Specialty Foods, West Sayville NY); 

 Best New Savory & Salty Snack Food went to Bamba Halva - Peanut Snack with Sesame Cream Filling  (OSEM USA, Englewood Cliffs NJ); Best New Savory Condiment, Spice, Sauce, Oil, Vinegar, Dressing or Marinade was Fresh Frozen Pesto Cubes (Dorot Foods, West Hills CA)

Best New Wine, Beer or Spirit went to Fincas Marumatok Cabernet Sauvignon Malbec (Buenos Aires,  Argentina); and Best New Cheese or Dairy Item was  Sugar River Cheese (Anderson International Foods,  Jersey City NJ. The awards will be distributed on Tuesday morning November 8th during the opening hours of the show. The distinguished panel of judges included Yaakov Yarmove, SuperValu, Barry Eizik, A & P Supermarkets; Deborah Shapiro, Winn Dixie; Joel Schoenfeld, Chestnut, and Marty Stein, Tree of Life.


See the winning products here.