February 19, 2020

Throngs at 14Th Annual Kosher Food and Wine Experience

New York…Nearly 1,800 people overflowed the 14th Annual Kosher Food & Wine Experience at the Chelsea Pier on February 17th. They had the opportunity to savor and celebrate a plethora of award-winning wines from around the world and gourmet fare from top chefs and restaurants as Royal Wine Corp and The House of Rothschild Celebrate 30 years of kosher wine. A special guest was Baroness Ariane De Rothschild, a member of the French branch of the venerated Rothschild family. Kosher wine consumption in the US Is outpacing general market consumption by more than 100% with an average price per bottle of $20+ due to growing consumer demand and industry accolades. A spokesman for the organizers said that more than 2000 bottles of wine & spirits and 35,000 plates of gourmet food were consumed. Similar events are also held in London, Jerusalem, and South Florida.