June 3, 2019

“Three Day” Shavuos a Windfall for Kosher Grocers

New York…” Three-day holidays are really good for us,” is the way one kosher grocer described this weekend’s combined Shabbos and Shavuos holiday. Most refer to it as the “three-day holiday” despite the fact that it includes a regular weekly Shabbos and the two-day holiday. “I like it,” said the retailer, “because it involves every section of the store.” He pointed out that while people buy the traditional Shabbos and holiday foods, a great deal of dairy is consumed, a tradition for the Shavuos holiday. Cheesecake is a big seller but many retailers say that they noticed a significant uptick in home baking and cooking for the holiday. Jewish newspapers featured special sections with recipes for the holidays. Fish seems to be a big seller as is all shapes of pasta. Lasagna is definitely in, the store owner pointed out. Of course, items like aluminum pans and flowers sell big time in advance of the 3-day holiday.