October 14, 2013

This YearÕs Chanukah Menu: Latkes, Doughnuts and Turkey

New York…Because of a quirk in the calendar, the first day of Chanukah this year falls on Thanksgivings Day, something that has not happened in many years and is not scheduled to happen again for many decades. What this means is that the customary promotions for the two holidays will merge this year. Look for the FSI’s to include turkey along with the traditional Chanukah foods of latkes and doughnuts. Combining the foods, say kosher food experts, is not such a bad idea. One said that latkes can be used for an entrée, the turkey as a main dish and the doughnuts for desserts. One retailer said that the fusion of the two holidays may not to be to his advantage since Jews were also big on buying turkey, cranberry sauce and stuffing. He hoped that the tradition would continue despite spinning the dreidel and eating latkes and doughnuts.