September 2, 2014

This Year, It’s Back to School First and Then Rosh Hashanah

CHICAGO — It isn’t every year that kosher retailers get to market back to school before they even mention Rosh Hashanah. Yakov Yarmove of Jewel Osco said his store’s ad this week featured many back to school items including crackers, ice cream, shredded cheese, Tradition soups and yogurt.

This year’s calendar, in which Rosh Hashanah does not fall until the eve of September 23rd, provided the added opportunity of marketing barbecue foods for Labor Day as well as back to school items before Rosh Hashanah is marketed in earnest. Several retailers reached by Kosher Today said they expect the Rosh Hashanah season to be launched in earnest during the week of September 8th.

In years where Rosh Hashanah falls in early September, the retailers do not have the luxury of the interim period as they do this year. The retailers say that this year’s calendar is good for business as it gives them “two cracks in September” rather than just Rosh Hashanah. Distributors say that they expect at least a 5% bump in sales just from the calendar.