October 21, 2013

There is Tehini and Then There is TehiniÑNew Kosherfest Exhibitor Hopes to Prove It

Secaucus, NJ — Sisters Shelby, Jackie and Amy Zitelman, originally from Rockville, MD, had an idea. Create a company to market  and sell their unique brand of tehini. They founded Soom Foods.  They will be attending Kosherfest 25 for the first time to introduce their original tehina product. The unique tehina is made from Ethiopian sesame seeds, which offer a richer and more versatile taste than traditional sesame seeds. “My Israeli husband introduced me to tahini made from Ethiopian seeds,” says Amy Zitelman. “I quickly realized it trumped any "tahini" on the market in the states.  Even more so, they saw how versatile it was - used for hummus (obviously), spreads, dressings, sauces, even in baking.  This tehina truly could go both savory and sweet!” The sisters traveled to Ethiopia in April of 2012 to learn more about the product. They returned in November, and have been working full time on Soom Foods since. Their first import was received at the end of April and have been selling ever since.

The main reason Soom Foods is joining Kosherfest is to share their high quality tehina with the kosher food world.  Amy says, “We're excited to introduce our product to chefs that are not satisfied (or don't know that they are not satisfied!) with their current "tahini", and get picked up by a distributor so our tehina can be placed on more shelves, ultimately growing the consumer community.” Soom foods is looking forward to expanding people's understanding of the many ways tehina can be used. They will be sharing a table with Paula Shoyer, The Kosher Baker, and hope to debut a delicious dessert featuring Soom Foods tehina.