September 30, 2013

The Rush to Introduce New Products a Major Objective of Kosher Food Companies

New York — Several kosher food manufacturers and distributors introduced new products in time for the Jewish holidays. It is part of an overall push by kosher food companies to gain an edge over competitors by introducing new products. For some, the timing of the introduction was designed to coincide with what several termed “a period of time when you have the customer’s attention.” 

In the major kosher markets, orthodox Jewish newspapers and magazines featured expanded editions full of ads by kosher food manufacturers and retailers. They included Klein’s Ice Cream, Shneider’s, Golden Taste (horseradish without vinegar during the sweet New Year and subsequent holy days), Norman’s (three new Greek Yogurt flavors), Lieber’s (new box drinks for children), Abe’s Pareve Ice Cream, Golden Flow (new fruit juice blends) and some of the regulars like Kedem. 

Industry sources told KosherToday that many kosher manufacturers have designated buyers circling the globe looking for a “new and interesting” products that can help them market their brand as a leader, secure an edge over competitors, and even realize larger margins until competitors mimic or even best the new products. Nor are manufacturers and distributors focusing on new products that follow their core product line. “It’s a free for all,” said one distributor, pointing to companies that have expanded from grocery to refrigerated and even frozen and vice versa. The distributor also said that new product introductions before the high holy days is safer than the Passover intros “since they seldom carryover to year-round.”