January 8, 2018

The Role of the Internet

Our biggest story of the year was the continued development of kosher over the Internet. One of the biggest stories that we covered was the launch of kosher.com by Kayco/Kedem and its rapid development as a key address for the growing number of foodies and others interested in kosher. In the first few weeks, it secured more than 125,000 hits and has to date expanded mani-fold. We saw the expanded role of the Internet over the Passover holidays. Not only were there many more bookings for Passover programs in hotels all over the world, but there was a dramatic expansion of sites promoting Passover recipes. Finally, in a first for the kosher food industry, Yarden Horwitz, a trendspotting expert at Google delivered the keynote address at Kosherfest with predictions on various trends in kosher.