February 18, 2019

The Perfect Winter Food and Wine Event- KFWE

New York - by Eda Kram, New Product Showcase Editor…There is something special about standing in a room with over 1800 guests mingling, 5000 open bottles of kosher wine , delicious food and a spectacular water view of the Hudson. From the moment the doors opened, the room was abuzz with wine connoisseurs, industry professionals and ordinary kosher consumers alike, lined up to taste intriguing wines, spirits and food from around the world. A night you could only experience in New York City!

The Kosher Food & Wine Experience is produced each year by Royal Wine, the leading producer, importer, and distributor of kosher wines and spirits in the world.  It’s a night where wine companies and their winemakers are truly “hungry” to share their passion for their product, with attendees able to taste uncompromising kosher quality wines. One of my favorites this year was from the Italian region, Terra di Seta winery, bringing the love of winemaking to fruition with their family owed farm. Since 2001, Terra di Seta winery is part of a family-run organic farm conducted by Daniele Della Seta and his wife Maria Pellegrini. The farm they tell me is on a hill near Siena, with a 360 view on the Tuscan countryside of the famous Chianti Classico area. The way they describe the location with their Italian accent has me smitten already. They continue to explain that in Italian ‘Terra’ means a combination of soil, land and earth, and Seta means silk, while it is also part of the family name. They strive to have their brand represent the core of their family's philosophy; to obtain traditional, excellent, and refined products from their unique land property. I can attest to their passion solely from the robust taste of their line ‘Chianti Classico’. They are the only producers of kosher certified Chianti in the Italian region and they definitely live up to it.

Next up was the Tulip Winery in Israel. In 2003, the Itzaki family fulfilled their long-time dream of establishing a boutique winery that combines the production of quality wine with social responsibility.  Tulip Winery is located in Kvar Tikva (Village of Hope), a community settlement and the first of its kind for adults with developmental and emotional disabilities. Tulip employs 40 adults with special needs who in this way are able to join the mainstream workforce.  David Bar-Ilan, the winemaker for Tulip Winery, began his career as a winemaker in 2001. He joined Tulip Winery in 2003 when they were producing 1,000 bottles; now they produce close to 3,000.  "Being the creator of wine at Tulip Winery is an opportunity and a thrill- a thrill to be able to produce fine wines of uncompromising quality and an opportunity to be part of such a special family."

 Another prized moment was meeting the legend behind ‘Celler de Capçanes Winery’, located in Capçanes which is 100 miles southwest of Barcelona. In 1995, Celler de Capçanes Winery responded to the Jewish community of Barcelona to make kosher wine under the most careful Lo Mevushal (non-cooked) method. The success of this wine, believed to be one of the best wines in Spain, awoke worldwide importers to look at the winery more closely. Step by step a unique range of individual high end wines was developed. "Capcanes,” a village hidden away in the Priorato hills inland from Tarragona is the source of many fine wines today but has a long wine growing history. “Celler de Capçanes wines reflect our people and the spirit of our village, the hard work and the passion that go into every drop,”says Jürgen Wagner, Winemaker for Celler de Capçanes.Continuous development shows that Capçanes not only has the raw material to produce world-class wines but the passion for producing an excellent product.

After chatting with such passionate and successful people, it truly struck me that without amazing winemakers, farmers, artisans and people passionate about their trade our extensive menus would not look the same.