October 7, 2019

The Evolving Kosher BBQ, well Beyond the Hot Dog

New York…Harry Binder is a seasoned BBQ home chef. Every summer, his neighbors in a Catskills development look on in envy as he masters the BBQ sessions he leads for family and friends. In the last few years he has expanded the variety of hot dogs including chicken and turkey and more recently has added an assortment of sausages from almost every major kosher brand including Meal Mart, Solomon’s, A&H and Jack’s. The range of sausages today makes it exciting for amateurs like Harry. He can put up Sweet Italian, Teriyaki, Bourbon Apple, Polish, Mexican, Spicy Southwestern Style, Beef Merguez, and Beef Kielbasa. It can either be cured or non-cured. “It’s a whole new world of gourmet products,” says one retailer, “adding “it’s almost as exciting as when kosher Sushi came on the scene. Almost?