December 14, 2009

The Chanukah Doughnut is Filled WithÉWhatever

Brooklyn, NY…One of the two foods commonly associated with Chanukah, which ends on Saturday, is the doughnut. Holiday purist would tend to argue that the doughnuts should be filled only with jelly, but as kosher customers found out this year, jelly is only one of many fillings used to fill the doughnuts. The purists might also blame Israel for starting the trend to tamper with the fillings, especially the caramel and chocolate flavored ones that have become the leading sellers in Israel. Some families have taken to fruit filled donuts, either cooking up their own filling or opting for raspberry preserves, applesauce, or other fruity jams. Many recipes for donuts include fillings like poppy seed, which may cause some confusion for those who associate poppy seed filling with hamantaschen, and therefore should not surface for another few months. The upscale Brooklyn kosher supermarket Pomegranate this year introduced a cheese filled doughnut, which could arguably be better suited for Shavuous. It, of course, also sells the traditional jelly filled doughnuts as well as the caramel and chocolate filled pastries. One Flatbush baker summed it up this way: “The days of the jelly-only doughnuts are over. Now, I’ll be trying to figure out all year how to beat the competition next year with a filling that can’t be topped.”