February 16, 2021

The Changing Face of Kosher Catering in the US

New York…So much has changed in the kosher catering business during Covid-19 that some are predicting it will lead to permanent changes. The caterers who would normally be putting the final touches on their Passover menus in a world resort are instead preparing to offer their food in private homes. Some were already expanding into the private home arena. In an announcement Michael Schick Catering, an upscale kosher caterer whose brand is associated with some of the most high-end Passover programs, announced that “it is now accommodating the greater New York community with delicious cuisine and the highest quality catering for Pesach.” Catering in private homes has particularly become popular during the Covid-19 era. Kosher.com lists many well-known caterers who used to cater only in large venues but are now offering their services in private homes as well.  In the meantime, Ram and MD Hospitality, two major kosher catering companies in New York City, have merged and will use the combined names. The newly merged company is planning to operate a 45,000 square foot commissary in New York City with more than 200 employees. Beyond the north-east United States, Ram & MD Hospitality will also provide its on-location catering services for events in places around the world.