March 16, 2021

Tens of Thousands of Jews Head to Orlando for Passover as Many Passover Program in Last Minute Changes

Orlando…Tens of thousands of Jews are expected to spend the Passover holiday in Orlando, according to a survey by Kosher Today. One source that tallied all the private homes in Orland told Kosher Today that the number of people would approach 80,000. Dozens of trucks, including refrigerated vehicles, will be heading to the resort to supply the food for the record-setting number of Passover vacationers as will large independents like The Grove and on-line sites like .

This has been a year of many innovations and last-minute changes in the lucrative Passover business, according to Raphi Bloom of . In addition to Orlando, there will be the traditional programs in Miami Beach like the Lasko's and takeout from the Tower-41 restaurant. At least three programs were cancelled in Dubai as were programs in Abu Dhabi which is closed to foreigners. There are still two large programs in Dubai as well as a pop-up kosher restaurant, The Kosher Place, which will be serving all day meals during Passover. Under the supervision of Rabbi Levi Duchman, the UAE Chief Rabbi, the restaurant, which will be at the Address Marina Hotel, will also host Seders and cater to those who are not part of an organized program. While travel is still restricted for Israelis, many Europeans are expected to turn up in Dubai. Gateways this year will be at the Margaretville Lake Resort in Lake Conroe/Houston, Texas. In a last-minute switch due to the unavailability of hotels previously selected, the Werner family will be hosting its KMR Passover program at the Saddlebrook Hotel and Spa in Tampa. Programs in Italy and France were also cancelled due to the locations being in red zones and the slow roll-out of the vaccine in many countries in Europe. Other popular destinations will be Mexico, Croatia, Costa Rica and the Czech Republic. “After everything is said and done, only 20%-25% of Passover programs will be in operation this year, “said Mr. Bloom.